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LUMIX® G3K 16 Megapixel Compact System Camera 3X, 14-42 mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

Model: DMC-G3KK

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LUMIX® G3K 16 Megapixel Compact System Camera 3X, 14-42 mm Standard Zoom Lens Kit

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  • 16 Megapixel Mirror-less Compact System with LVF (1.44M Dots)
  • 3X Lens Kit (14-42mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S.)
  • Variable 4 - 20 fps Burst Rate (Resolution Dependent)
  • Micro Four Thirds Lens Mount, Lumix Light Speed Focusing, Mode Dial, and 3D Lens Ready
  • 3.0 Free Angle LCD with Touch Control (460K) and New Touch Pinpoint AF Feature

Color Options

Welcome to the Panasonic Store Locator
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The stores below carry the product you are looking for. Visit the location to see first hand how Panasonic is engineering a better world for you. In-store product availability may vary, we recommend checking availability with the store location.

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Feeling creative? Are you a photographer with the potential to match the work of Ansel Adams or David Eustace? If so why not take your photography to an exciting new level with the sophisticated but easy to use Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3.

The LUMIX DMC-G3 is a very cleverly designed unit, offering the full creative control of a DSLR packed into the compact body of a point-and-shoot camera. Advanced mirror-free viewfinder technology and new larger DSLR sensors, have made it possible to realize all the benefits of an interchangeable lens system in a lightweight, portable camera. The DMC-G3 is suitable for everyone, regardless of the user's knowledge of photography and their experience level. Whether you simply enjoy taking great photographs in your leisure time or photography is a serious interest and hobby, this is the camera for you.

The new DMC-G3s cutting edge digital technology, accompanied by its array of highly sophisticated but easy to use functions, make it a truly exceptional camera. This camera will not disappoint a beginner, a professional or a serious hobbyist. The DMC-G3 is rapidly establishing itself as one of the best digital photography buys on the market today.


Lens Options:

The LUMIX G Series cameras use the increasingly popular Micro Four Thirds (MFT) system mount. The size and weight of the lens is significantly reduced without sacrificing lens clarity or performance. The MFT system offers 11 high performance zoom options in both fixed focal length and variable aperture G Vario; there is also a versatile 3D lens capable of capturing 2D and 3D images simultaneously. Lens adapters allow even greater flexibility, providing mounting for older model Leica M, Leica R and LUMIX full Four Thirds lenses. The ground-breaking 14-140mm HD G Vario lens has a long 10x range and virtually silent high-speed focusing capabilities, offering the best of live action and still-image shooting with ultra fast focusing and auto subject tracking when connected to the DMC-G3. Many LUMIX MFT lenses also include integrated MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization). This helps prevent blurring that is often caused by hand-shake. O.I.S works with the camera's intuitive ISO control to reduce motion blur by automatically adjusting ISO sensitivity when a subject moves, allowing for the capture of sharp, crisp images every time.

Dust Reduction:

When dust settles on the sensor of an interchangeable lens camera, image clarity is often compromised. The Dust Reduction System incorporated into the DMC-G3 eliminates dust and debris by using a supersonic wave filter on the Live MOS sensor. The filter vibrates more than 50,000 times per second, repelling dust and other airborne particles effortlessly.

Intelligent Auto and Intelligent Auto Plus:

The DMC-G3 has a number of advanced functions that are sure to thrill experienced photographers, yet are simple enough for novices to use easily. Both still and video modes benefit from the camera's Intelligent Auto (iA) and Intelligent Auto Plus (iA+) modes. The new iA+ mode allows manual adjustments to the defocusing area, exposure control and white balance, for exerting greater control over the final image result.

HD Video Capture:

Along with stunning stills, the DMC-G3 produces superior 1080/60i High Definition video using the AVCHD format with a 30p sensor output. There is a built-in stereo microphone and an available Dolby Digital Stereo Creator for high quality audio playback on live action recordings. For even more advanced video sound controls, the LUMIX DMC-G3 offers a wind-cut function that enhances quality sound while reducing background noise, and an L/R audio meter display for easy audio level control. Recorded videos can be played back in High Definition directly to an HD-ready television via the optional HDMI mini cable or to any Panasonic VIERA television via the SD media card. The all-new silent focusing features on many of the LUMIX Micro Four Thirds lenses helps prevent unwanted noise, while moving subjects are automatically kept in focus with the subject AF Tracking feature that can be accessed on the LCD touch screen.

Venus Engine FHD:

With the new Venus Engine FHD, the LUMIX DMC-G3 provides dramatically improved compensation for electronic noise in shadow and low light where higher ISOs usually make images appear grainy. Advanced circuitry on the upgraded 16-megapixel sensor helps further reduce low-noise signal problems at both the pixel and amplifier circuit levels, allowing for higher ISOs with much lower noise. This produces faster action-stopping shutter speeds in low light and a maximum ISO of 6400.

The DMC-G3 offers significantly lower electronic noise levels than previous LUMIX models, to the tune of more than 66%. S/N value improvement is most noticeable when shooting at high ISO settings, where the DMC-G3 produces levels that are approximately 200% better compared to the conventional 12.1-megapixel sensor. Sensor performance at ISO 3200 improves by 6db, while ISO 6400 maxes out at 9db.

The Venus Engine FHD also employs new Intelligent Resolution technology that helps sharpen image edges without softening finer details. The Intelligent D-Range Control feature enables image capture with full brightness and without muddied shadows or blown-out highlights.


Touch-Enabled LCD Screen:

If your eyesight is not 100% you will find the LCD screen on this camera particularly easy to use. The DMC-G3's functionality is boosted tremendously by the movable 3.0-inch LCD with 460k-dot that allows you to control menus, shooting settings, focusing, playback and effects with just a touch. There is surely nothing worse than not knowing how to adjust something on your camera when the perfect picture is just a click of a button away, but with this function the adjustments are made a whole lot easier. You can even customize menus with a simple drag-and-drop. This not only improves the overall functionality of the camera but also makes the camera unique to the individual user's preferences, so that you are always ready to capture the perfect shot. This feature makes it very easy to create a totally personalized user interface no matter what your experience level, giving you instant access to the functions you use most often. You can even engage the shutter from the LCD touch screen - just tap the subject you wish to focus on and shoot. You will never fail to get a great shot of that beautiful sunset again or miss that unforgettable moment when the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife.

With the DMC-G3's intuitive touch-enabled operation, you can capture crisp motion images in both still and video modes by locking on a subject to trigger AF Tracking. Whether you are photographing your children playing their first game of baseball or you are with friends watching an exciting tennis match, any action shots that you take will always be in perfect focus.

Live Viewfinder:

Traditionalists will love the eyelevel electronic viewfinder on the DMC-G3, which projects a 1.44m-dot high-resolution image with 100% field of view (800x600 and 0.7x magnification). Panasonic have improved color breakup, giving you smooth image viewing even while panning.

Mode Dial:

The LUMIX DMC-G3 makes it easy to take great pictures in any situation, providing a traditional DSLR experience with an easily accessible Mode dial for common shooting modes. These include Shutter and Aperture Priority, Program and Manual. There are also dial settings for Scene Modes, two Custom Modes and a new Creative Control Mode. The dedicated video button instantly switches the camera from still to video capture without the hassle of changing modes. The DMC-G3 even has a built-in flash and a hotshoe that lets you connect a variety of optional LUMIX flashes for a full DSLR experience.

The Mode dial includes an impressive range of settings: Portrait, Scenery, Architecture, Sports, Flower, Food, Objects, Baby, Pet, Party, Sunset, Soft Skin, Night Portrait, Night Scenery, Illuminations and Peripheral Defocus. Each of these modes can be controlled from the intuitive LCD display touch screen. This makes your everyday photography very straightforward. Just select the mode that suits the subject, frame the image and press the shutter release ¿ job done. With the range of modes available for every individual situation, whether you prefer to capture nature and wildlife or you require a high quality portrait of a loved one, the camera has the functionality to allow you to do so.

Pinpoint Focusing:

The Contrast Detection Auto Focus technology found in point-and-shoot, combined with new mirrorless Compact System Cameras has made it possible to reach speeds that you could once only achieve with a professional model DSLR. The DMC-G3 now offers a powerful Light Speed Auto Focus (14-140mm ~0.1sec, 14-42mm ~0.18 sec., 45-200mm ~0.15sec.). The LUMIX Light Speed AF virtually eliminates shutter lag by locking onto subjects quickly and staying locked through the shot. You will never miss those fast moving objects and you will be able to capture them in even greater detail than ever before. With the Contrast Auto Focusing you will get greater shot accuracy than traditional DSLR phase difference systems because there are fewer hardware components to work around. Your photos will be free from most system focusing errors. No more worries about out of focus images, particularly when taking that spur of the moment shot.

The DMC-G3 also offers dramatically improved manual focus control over the DMC-G2. Initial magnification is 4x, triggered by simply tapping the subject on the LCD touch screen. Subjects are enlarged in a small window while the rest of the image stays in view as a framing reference. Beyond 4x, the small focus window becomes larger and larger, eventually filling the monitor, so you can fine-tune the focus even more. This is a great feature when you are trying to capture those memorable moments in your leisure time and you want to be able to take a great picture without stopping the action. With the simplicity of the manual focus function you will be guaranteed sharp, in-focus images. This manual control feature is available from the Manual Focus Assist and AF + MF modes.

Panasonic have also increased the size of the LCD touch focus area on the LUMIX DMC-G3; you can now enable touch focus from any part of the image displayed on the LCD screen. This makes life so much easier when you are trying to capture an image and there is not a lot of preparation time. Unlike traditional DSLR cameras, the DMC-G3 does not limit the number and position of focus points but instead uses the entire image sensor to allow for greater control. You can even fine-tune focus on any image with the Pinpoint AF feature. When Pinpoint AF is engaged, your image is enlarged so you can set the desired focus area at the pixel level. Once enabled, Pinpoint AF will use the set focus point to produce a sharp, brilliantly detailed image. You will always be sure to capture the correct image with the perfect focusing balance.

Burst Shooting:

The DMC-G3 offers rapid burst control at various rates and resolutions. You can capture full resolution 16-megapixel images at four frames per second with the mechanical shutter, or reach an even faster 20 frames per second with a lower 4-megapixel resolution using the electronic shutter. This is a great feature for use at fast moving sporting events, concerts, or when engaging in a favorite activity such as dancing: where any rapid motion is involved you will be sure to capture a high quality shot.

Color and Effects:

With the new Photo Style Mode, you can reproduce many popular color effects to bring your pictures to life and to give them personality. Color effects on the DMC-G3 include Standard, Natural, Vivid, Monochrome, Scenery, Portrait and Custom. Enhance these settings even further by adjusting Contrast, Sharpness, Noise Reduction and Saturation levels. Full control over these functions can give your pictures that personal touch.

In Creative Control Mode, you can achieve superior image expressivity without the need for complicated photo editing software. Pre-set effects such as Expressive, Retro, Sepia, High Key and High Dynamic are controlled right from the touch screen menu so you can change the look of photographs before you take them giving you a completely creative, unique approach to your photography.


Whether to buy a technologically advanced, heavy, and hard to handle DSLR or a compact point-and-shoot with limited capabilities? You no longer have to make that choice when it comes to choosing a digital camera, as there is now a great alternative - the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G3. This camera gives you all the cutting edge features you want, all housed in a strong but lightweight, very portable package.