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LUMIX® FH5 16.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Model: DMC-FH5K

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LUMIX® FH5 16.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

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  • 28mm Wide Angle LEICA DC Lens
  • Mega O.I.S.
  • 720p HD Movie Recording

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Shooting great photos and video has never been easier or as much fun as with the technically sophisticated Panasonic Lumix range of cameras. The easy to use Panasonic DMC-FH5 is a sleek, stylish new addition to the popular LUMIX FH-Series of compact digital cameras. The stylish FH5 is available in black, gold, silver, pink and violent, all with a lightly textured hairline finish.

The trim FH5 boasts a big-time 16.1-megapixel resolution with a newly developed retractable 28mm wide-angle Leica DC lens with 4x optical zoom. The new lens gives the DMC-FH5 a profile that is 20% slimmer than its predecessors, but there's no sacrifice of performance. The FH5 has all the advanced technology and usability features that users have come to expect from Panasonic's LUMIX line, with even more impressive speed and accuracy.


28mm Wide-angle 4x Optical Zoom Leica DC Lens:

The DMC-FH5 is equipped with a newly redesigned 28mm wide-angle, high quality Leica DC VARIO-ELMAR lens with 4x optical zoom. The lens comprises six elements in five groups, including three aspherical lenses with five aspherical surfaces. The advanced VARIO-ELMAR lens blends seamlessly with the slim body of the FH5 without compromising image quality or optical performance.

With the 28mm wide-angle lens, large groups of people, massive architectural structures or expansive landscapes can be photographed with ease. These subjects are captured with dynamic breadth, even from short range.

The 4x optical zoom can be increased to 5x equivalent thanks to the DMC-FH5's Intelligent Zoom function, which employs Panasonic's Intelligent Resolution technology to maintain picture quality throughout the entire zoom range. There is also an Extra Optical Zoom function that extends zoom power even further, to 9x, using the middle part of the generous CCD to magnify subjects even more.

16.1-megapixel High-resolution CCD:

The high-resolution CCD makes it possible to produce images up to A2 size that stay clear and sharp. An A2-sized photo is large enough to show a newborn infant in actual size, but even average-sized photos reproduce beautifully at 3-megapixel resolution. Photos can be trimmed or cropped right from the camera.

Venus Engine:

The Venus Engine offers efficient high-speed, high-performance image processing. Images are recorded with better signal processing, and along with the Intelligent Resolution system noise is reduced more effectively. The Venus Engine processes chromatic noise and luminance noise separately, so noise is reduced all the way up to ISO1600 at full resolution, allowing for gorgeous nighttime shots or indoor photos taken in dim lighting.

Sonic Speed AF:

The FH5 has Panasonic's Sonic Speed Auto Focus technology that features several enhancements from its predecessors. The FH5 Sonic Speed AF system has a faster actuator, more optimized algorithms and parallel software handling, for a faster and more accurate AF performance.

Focusing is also approximately 45% faster on the FH5 than on previous LUMIX models. Moving subjects can now be captured with ease and accuracy, for great-looking action shots.

NEW Intelligent Resolution Technology:

Intelligent Resolution technology, newly incorporated for the FH5, works together with the powerful Venus Engine to define three distinct areas in every image: outlines, detailed textures and soft gradation. These areas are automatically detected and are subjected to optimum signal processing, which creates images with natural crispness and clarity, uniform sharpness enhancement, and precise pixel by pixel signal processing.

NEW 5x Intelligent Zoom:

Along with Intelligent Resolution, the DMC-FH5 also has an Intelligent Zoom capability, which virtually extends the optical zoom ratio to a 1.3x equivalent. The 4x is essentially able to extend to 5x without sacrificing picture quality, even when combining the digital zoom.

NEW High Image Quality in High-sensitivity Shooting:

High sensitivity shooting can sometimes generate photos that are grainy and lacking in contrast. This is due to picture noise and noise reduction technology. Intelligent Resolution eliminates these problems, making it possible to take beautifully detailed photos with minimal noise at all sensitivity levels, but especially in high sensitivity image capture.

To further improve image quality at high sensitivity, Intelligent Resolution automatically engages when the camera mode drops to 3-megapixels or less. This is ideal for Photo Frame Mode, High-speed Burst Mode and High-sensitivity Mode.

2.7-inch, 230,000-dot High-resolution LCD:

The DMC-FH5 has a generous 2,7-inch LCD screen with impressive 230,000-dot high resolution Intelligent LCD technology.

Intelligent LCD

High-angle Mode

The display screen automatically adjusts brightness in 11 steps in response to shooting conditions. The display is clear, sharp and vivid in all shooting situations, including nighttime scenes and bright daylight. The large size makes it easy to share photo and video playback with others right from the camera. The High-angle Mode is another added benefit that makes viewing photos from a low angle extremely easy, perfect for snapping a subject from below, or for taking pictures over the top of a crowd.


Slim Compact Body:

The FH5 combines a powerful lens and plenty of advanced features in a tiny, highly portable case. Dramatically slimmer than its predecessor; there's no loss of performance or picture quality. You get all the great features you've come to expect from the LUMIX family in a smart, compact package.

Battery Life:

The FH5's rechargeable lithium-ion battery has also been slimmed down. The energy-efficient Venus Engine works with the battery to give you more shooting time - up to 260 shots on a single battery charge. So leave the charger behind, get out there and start taking some great photographs.

iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode:

With the DMC-FH5, you don't need professional photography experience nor do you have to suffer with sub-par image quality just because you're using a compact digital. Panasonic's Intelligent Auto Mode gives you the freedom to shoot when and where you want without having to worry about getting the camera settings just right. In iA Mode, the FH5 does all the work for you; just point, aim and shoot. The camera responds with the appropriate optimization based on six different detection and correction functions, so you get amazing photos every time. And because Intelligent Resolution and Intelligent Zoom are always activated when you use iA Mode, your 5x extended zoom pictures are always clear.

MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) - Shake Detection:

If you find that most of your pictures appear somewhat blurry, it's likely because your hands are shaking as you press the shutter button. Even the slightest jostling can cause images to appear fuzzy or blurred. With the FH5s MEGA Optical Image Stabilization, you never have to worry about inadvertent hand-shake again. The MEGA O.I.S. accurately detects camera movement with a super-sensitive frequency sampling of 4000 times per second, and responds by correcting the image to deliver sharp, clear photos. The blur-stopping lens, controlled by the Venus Engine, gives the MEGA O.I.S. even greater sensitivity and image correction accuracy. You can shoot in low light, in Macro Mode and with zoom shots - all of which are particularly susceptible to blurring from hand-shaking. It's never been easier to take clear, blur-free pictures and video.

AF Tracking with Subject Detection:

The AF Tracking function lets you take pictures of moving subjects, like fast moving kids or pets, without the hassle of pressing the shutter button halfway down to readjust the focus until you're ready to take the shot. The FH5 AF Tracking system makes it possible to follow an active subject and simply click the shutter when you see a picture. You'll be able to capture more of those precious, once-in-a-lifetime moments with confidence.

Quick AF:

Another innovative feature of the FH5's auto focus system is Quick AF. Standard auto focus on some cameras is only activated when the shutter button is held down halfway; Quick AF engages as soon as you point your camera at the subject you want to photograph. Shutter delay time is significantly shortened, letting you take great pictures in an instant. The speedy Quick AF delivers focused, crisp action shots of sporting events, kids playing, pets, dancing and much more.

Intelligent ISO Control - Motion Detection:

The Venus Engine powers Panasonic's Intelligent ISO Control, which picks up subject movement and intuitively adjusts ISO settings and shutter speed according to the lighting conditions and subject motion. Intelligent ISO Control prevents blurring when your subject is active and takes stunning natural photos with a low ISO setting when your subject is still. You don't have to worry about messing with complicated settings or taking the same photo over and over, trying to get it right. The FH5 takes care of everything, so you can focus on the moment.

Face Detection AF/AE:

If you love taking portraits or capturing candid shots of family and friends, the FH5's Face Detection feature was made for you. Face Detection picks up faces in any frame and automatically optimizes exposure and focus so your subjects will always look their best. Faces are crisp in focus, and well lit, even when you shoot indoors or against a strong backlight. The sensitive Face Detection function can identify up to 15 faces at once - perfect for taking photos at parties, school functions, graduations, nights on the town, weddings, etc. Once Face Detection senses a face, Face Tracking is activated; the focus follows the face as it moves or turns away from the lens. There's built in red-eye correction, too, and red eyes are automatically corrected right in the camera to ensure natural facial expressions. You can finally get that perfect holiday card photo of the kids and preserve memories from all of your family's most important occasions, thanks to Face Detection AF.

Intelligent Scene Selector ¿ Scene Detection:

In iA Mode, the DMC-FH5 automatically chooses the best Scene Mode for the shot you're trying to take. Whether it's Scenery, Portrait, Sunset, Night Scenery, Night Portrait or Macro, the FH5 considers everything from focus to brightness level so your shots always come out beautifully. This is one of the most versatile compact cameras available - you can shoot indoors or out, in bright sunlight or in the near dark, without ever having to change or adjust the camera's settings. The FH5 gives you the freedom to travel, experience, enjoy and explore, and be confident that your photos will turn out wonderfully.

Intelligent Exposure ¿ Light Detection:

Another one of the FH5's intuitive functions is Intelligent Exposure, which improves lighting of your pictures by detecting brightness levels bit by bit throughout the image. Outdoor pictures taken with bright sky in the background can tend to appear washed out, and even with use of the flash, indoor portraits aren't always light enough so your photos turn out too dark. Intelligent Exposure corrects all this, adjusting aperture and shutter speed to darken over-exposed areas or to brighten under-exposed areas without causing graininess. The result is properly exposed, clear photos in virtually any situation, automatically and without the trouble of adjusting exposure settings.

HD Movie Recording:

Leave the camcorder at home and record live video in full HD with the FH5. You'll get bright HD movies, even in low light, and can play them back on any HD-ready TV. You get the freedom of both still photo and live action images in a single, convenient device.

LUMIX Image Uploader:

Share your photos more easily than ever before with the Image Uploader from LUMIX. Simply select the photos or videos you want to share right on the camera, connect your FH5 or camera memory card to your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions. Your photos post to Facebook almost immediately, and videos show up in your YouTube feed in seconds. You can even share the image URL via email so all of your social contacts will know when you post something new.

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PHOTOfunSTUDIO Version 6.0:

Panasonic's exclusive PHOTOfunSTUDIO 6.0 lets you sort and organize photos, filter images of specific people using Face Recognition, or upload photos and video to Facebook and YouTube all from a single application. PHOTOfunSTUDIO has plenty of sophisticated features that let you get creative with your pictures, and works with new photos as well as older images you have stored on your computer.


If you want an intuitive, easy to use entry-level digital camera that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and looks great, goes where you go and takes amazing photos and videos along the way, look no further than the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FH5. This slim, stylish compact camera has all the advanced technology of more expensive models at a very attractive price.