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Removable Face High-Power Cassette/Receiver

Model number: CQ-R255

Removable Face High-Power Cassette/Receiver with CD Changer Control, Super High Definition Bass

MOS-FET Output Stage No
Bass/Treble, Balance, Fader No
Auto Reverse No
Full-Logic Cassette Mechanism No
Dolby B Noise Reduction System No
Metal Tape Selector No
Tape Program Search (TPS) No
Blank Skip No
Alphatuner V No
18 FM/6 AM Presets No
Auto Preset Memory with Scan No
FM Optimizer (FMO) No
Adaptive FM Front End (AFE) No
Impulse Noise Quieting (INQ) No
Built-in Quartz Clock No
Fixed DIN No
Rotary Knob Design/Control No


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