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Kitchen Appliances

  • Blenders With power, versatility and a touch of style, we make it quick and easy to mix, whip, puree, chop and blend more tastefully,

  • Toaster Ovens

    Toast, Warm, Bake, and Reheat your favorite foods with our quick and efficient toaster oven.

  • Breakfast Collection

    Make a real stand out design statement in your kitchen with our new elegant Breakfast Collection.

  • Bread Makers

    Grandma's bread recipe is a snap with our automatic bread makers. Automatically mix, knead, leaven and bake.

  • Rice Cookers

    Cook rice and other foods to perfection with our space-saving, counter-top rice cookers.

  • Electric Thermo Pots

    You'll always have hot water ready with our quick and safe electric pots.

  • Meat Grinders

    Creating your own sausages and ground meats is easy with our heavy-duty, counter-top grinders.

  • Commercial Rice Cookers

    Feed a small army in about 30 minutes with our large capacity commercial rice cookers.