ECO-I VRF Systems

  • Heat Pump Outdoor Units

    Specifically designed for energy savings, ease of installation and high efficiency performance, with a wide choice of outdoor and indoor unit models which are designed for the most demanding commercial and residential applications.  

  • Heat Recovery Outdoor Units

    Offers both high efficiency and the flexibility for simultaneous heating and cooling with up to a maximum of 40 indoor units depending upon the total outdoor unit capacity. A dedicated discharge gas pipe provides improved heating capacity during both low ambient and simultaneous heating/cooling operation. The 3 pipe system meets high expectations by providing optimized comfort climate control that is energy efficient, reduces running costs and gives maximum operating flexibility 

  • Indoor Units

    Offered in a wide range of types and capacities. 1 way and 4 way ceiling cassettes, ceiling mounted, high wall mounted, concealed ducted, and floor mounted models are available. All models utilize an electronic expansion valve which enables precise temperature control of each zone. Ultra quiet operation, lightweight design, space savings, multiple fan speeds, and ease of serviceability are features of all indoor units.