DJ & Studio

  • RP-HTF890-S
    • Complete your premium audio system with pro studio open air headphones
    • 50mm neodymium drivers deliver rich bass and natural treble
    • Listen in comfort with easy-adjust headband and cloth earpads
    • High-grade cloth cable delivers exceptional sound signal
    • Easy single-side system allows for off-ear, DJ-style monitoring
    • Quickly connect audio components with included adapter plug
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    $99.99 $4199
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  • RP-DH1250-S
    • Technics headphone technology lives on with iconic design and legendary performance
    • Reversible housing and swivel mechanism for free-style and single-side monitoring
    • Detachable cords for professional DJ use and iPhone/iPod/iPad connection
    • Audiophile quality with 50mm drivers and noise isolation
    • Premium playback with high-power 3500mW handling capacity
    • 24K gold-plated stereo plug, foldable design, travel pouch included
     4.5 (4 Reviews)
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  • RP-DJS400-D

    DJ Street Style Headphones Orange

     3.6 (5 Reviews) Color Options
    $59.99 $5399
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  • RP-HTF600-S
    • Quick-fit headphones offer great sound and DJ-style monitoring
    • 50mm neodymium drivers deliver rich bass and natural treble
    • Soft, snug earpads provide comfort and noise isolation
    • Connect quickly to audio source with included adapter plug
     5.0 (2 Reviews) Color Options
    $59.99 $5399
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  • RP-HTF295-K

    Headphones Black

     5.0 (1 Reviews) Color Options
    $34.99 $3149
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  • RP-DJ600-K
    • DJ-style headphones for exceptional sound
    • 40mm neodymium drivers deliver deep bass and natural treble
    • Enjoy free-style monitoring with quick-swivel earcups
    • 6.6-ft. extension cord, travel pouch included
    $69.99 $3360
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  • RP-HT360

    Monitor Headphones with Single-sided Monitoring System, Large-Diameter 40mm/1-9/16" Driver Units, Single-Sided Cord and Large Form Earpads

     4.0 (1 Reviews)
    $39.99 $2999
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