Digital Camera Accessories


  • SFC0190

    Replacement Lens Hood for select LUMIX® Digital Camera Lenses

  • VGQ1L74

    Optional Large Adjuster attaches to earhooks to form headgear for wearable camera.

    • Use with Ear Mount Unit, VYK6C87
    • Size: Large
    $69.46 $6251
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    Leather Camera Case for select Panasonic models.

  • DMW-LC55

    Close-up Lens for Panasonic Lumix® Digital Cameras DMC-FZ50, FZ18 (Requires DMW-LA3 Adaptor), FZ8 (Requires DMW-LA1 Adaptor), FZ7 (Requires DMW-LA1 Adaptor) and FZ30

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  • DMW-RSL1

    Wired Remote for select Panasonic LUMIX® Digital Cameras

    $79.95 $7196
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    Accessory Kit (Includes Nylon Case, 2 LCD Protectors and Battery) for select Panasonic LUMIX® Digital Cameras