Cameras & Camcorders


  • HC-X1000
    • Experience Amazing 4K Ultra HD in 24p Cinema or 60p Video Quality
    • High Bit Rate Quality (4K-150Mbps / 2K-200Mbps)
    • Built-in XLR Professional Audio Terminal
    • 20X Leica Lens with Lens Mounted Control Rings
    • Record Night Scenes Confidently with 0 Lux
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  • HC-X920K
    • Amazing 3MOS BSI Ultrafine HD Video Quality
    • Bright Leica F1.5 12X Optics
    • Remote WiFi mobile device tether plus Ustream sharing
    • Two way remote home monitor networking
     4.5 (2 Reviews)
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    $999.99 $79999
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  • HC-W850K
    • Movie in Movie effect from twin video cameras
    • Super clear audio from wind shielded microphone
    • Broadcast anywhere live with WiFi through Ustream
    • Video baby monitor mode viewable from your smartphone
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  • HC-V750K
    • Super clear audio with a wind shielded microphone
    • Level shot automatically corrects the horizon in your shot
    • 5 Axis Hybrid Optical Imaging Stabilization keeps hand held shots steady
    • NFC enabled WiFi connects with your mobile and home devices
     5.0 (2 Reviews)
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