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If your model number begins with DMR-EZ, it will have a digital tuner.


This is normal when used with a cable or satellite box. You will need to select the proper output channel from the box (this would be the channel that the TV has to be on in order to get a picture). Once the schedule recording is set, leave the cable or satellite box on the channel you want to record from.


The message displayed means that the remote control and unit are not communicating and the remote needs to be programmed. To program the remote, press and hold the same number that is displaying on the unit and the [ENTER] or [OK] button for more than 2 seconds. For example, if the unit displays


Your widescreen TV has an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.78:1), which is the aspect ratio of HDTV. However, movies are filmed at several different aspect ratios, including 2.35:1. Also referred to as "scope", 2.35:1 is a very panoramic aspect ratio that provides a wide field of view in the theater. Scope is much wider than your widescreen TV, so it still requires the use of letterboxing ("black bars") to fit the entire image on screen. Some TVs and DVD players have a zoom function that allows you to enlarge the image so it fills the screen, but the sides of the image will be cropped in order to do so.


Panasonic's DVD recorders were designed to function as a replacement for your VCR. They were not intended to create "master DVDs" for duplicating operations. The video format Panasonic's DVD Recorders was intended and is compatible with DVD players, but not necessarily with a PC's drive or the various DVD copying software packages in use. While some people have reported success using "Nero", no guarantee can be made.

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