Wait, is that a Plasma?

Panasonic has long been the industry leader in the evolution of Plasma TV. Now, with the shift to LED, it remains our mission to maintain that same commitment to picture quality by developing LED TVs that deliver the ultimate in home theater entertainment. We are proud to say that with our 4K Ultra HD TVs, we have finally achieved the exceptional quality expected from a Plasma TV...and people are taking notice.

You have likely heard about the jaw-dropping resolution of 4K-up to 4 times the resolution of 1080p.* But what you may not know is that Panasonic is using some of the same engineering as our award-winning Plasma TVs in our line of 4K TVs, giving you picture quality in an LED like you've never seen before:
*Actual resolution 3840 x 2160p

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Similar to our Plasmas, our 4K TVs feature Studio Master Drive for rich, accurate color reproduction. With the power of this advanced technology, a Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV can deliver the same wide color gamut level as our legendary Plasma displays.


The breakthrough in enhancing the color purity of the red phosphor further that expanded Panasonic Plasma's color range is also reflected in our 4K TVs. This range covers 98% of DCI studio standards, providing you with true cinema-quality in your own home.


Another tell-tale indicator of Panasonic Plasma technology is deep, rich blacks. Local Dimming Pro achieves high contrast and smoother gradation by matching backlight control and optimizing brightness level. Panasonic 4K Ultra HD utilizes comparable technology to ensure pure, velvety blacks while still revealing the finer details in dark scenes.


In addition to unmatched color and clarity, Panasonic Plasma TVs also boast impressive sharpness and virtually no image blur. Similarly, with 2400 Back Light Scanning (BLS), our 4K TVs deliver optimal sharpness, clarity and contrast, perfect for action movies, sports and gaming.