• WE’RE SHOWING OUR METAL — The street-wise, street tough GX7 hybrid is changing photography.
  • ICONIC DESIGN. MODERN SENSIBILITIES — The GM1K fits your fashion-forward lifestyle without compromise.
  • THE NEW STANDARD FOR VIDEO CAPTURE — The GH3 has impressive video capabilities to help you go hybrid.
  • VISIONARY LINEUP — Capture virtually any shot, with our world class LEICA DG and LUMIX Vario lenses.
Our LUMIX G6 hybrid is perfect for enthusiasts who want easy operation and creative flexibility. With features like Creative Panorama, Stop Motion Animation video, and 19 stunning filter effects, it’s the perfect marriage of amazing stills and breathtaking Full HD video.

With its classic design, rugged interior and impressive imaging capabilities, the GX7 might just be the ultimate artisan camera. It features a tilt-able, color accurate live viewfinder, captures 16 MP stills and Full 1080/60p HD, and is compatible with our full range of precision LEICA DG and LUMIX Vario lenses.

2014 Panasonic Hybrid Photography Lineup Announced at CES

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