Outer Foil, Inner Blade Combination


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Panasonic Replacement Stainless Steel Outer Foil/Inner Blade Combination for ES-ED90-P, ES: 173, 175, 176, 178, 179, 201, 204, 205, 206, 2015, 2029, 2045,2067 and 2046

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Replacement blades and foils

To help maintain the level of comfort, care and satisfaction you expect from your shaver or trimmer, the high-performance blades and foils should be replaced every year with genuine, easy-to-install Panasonic replacements.

Why replace your blades?

Over time, your shaver's blades become dulled and pitted, resulting in discomfort and less than satisfying results. To maintain peak shaving and trimming performance, comfort and hypoallergenic protection, your blades should be replaced once every year*.

Replace the foil too?

Yes. After weeks and months of regular use, the ultra-thin foils on your shaver can wear too thin, resulting in reduced flexibility and less than efficient results. Your foil should also be replaced once every year* to maintain optimum flexibility, comfort and hypoallergenic protection.

Replace with Panasonic blades and foils

Genuine, ultra-thin, ultra-sharp Panasonic replacement blades and foils are designed with premium stainless steel. And, built to custom fit your specific shaver or trimmer model, and provide the ultimate in smooth, gentle shaving and trimming.

Quick, easy replacement

Panasonic replacement blades and foils install in seconds. Simply remove worn blades and foil, and the replacements into place.

*Based on once daily shave usage of 3 minutes.  Replacement schedule varies based on an individual’s hair type and thickness and usage schedule.



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