Commercial Induction Cooktop with Met-All Technology - KY-MK3500

    • Japanese engineered induction heated cooktop for fast, responsive heating and cooking for restaurants, catering, buffets and other commercial settings
    • Panasonic's Met-All technology cooks to perfection with all metal pots, pans and other vessel types, including aluminum and copper
    • Efficient 1200 copper-wire coil detects different pan types and generates energy up to 120 kHz to heat only the cooktop area in contact with the base of the pan
    • Optical IR sensor monitors heat through the cooktop surface for precise temperature control, a Luminous Circle in the cooktop glass glows when heated
    • Induction cooktop includes 3500 Watts maximum power, 20 power levels, timer, memory, 22 temperature adjustment levels and LED displays


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    $4,500.00 $2,368.00


    Taking Induction Cooking to the Next Level

    Induction is one of the quickest, safest and most efficient cooking methods available to restaurants, caterers and other commercial kitchen settings. Now, with 40 years of breakthrough innovation and experience in global induction engineering, Panasonic takes induction cooking to the next level with the Japanese-made MK3500 Commercial Induction Cooktop.

    Every Advantage and More

    Along with traditional advantages like no open flames or heat diffusion, no venting issues, responsive heating efficiency and easier-to-clean glass surfaces, Panasonic adds even more convenience to induction cooking with exclusive Met-All technology, IR Sensor and Luminous Circle.

    Use Any Metal Pan

    With the MK3500, there's no need to buy new cookware. Panasonic's Met-All Technology is the new induction cooking advantage that enables any commercial kitchen to cook with pots, pans and other vessels of any metal type, including copper and aluminum. Most likely, the cookware you already have.


    A high-efficiency 1200-wire copper inner coil emits electromagnetic energy to generate a direct current up to 120 kHz through the glass cooktop onto the bottom of any metal pan. The electrical resistance in the pan's metal heats only the pan, not the entire cooktop


    IR Temperature Control

    An infrared sensor below the cooktop surface quickly, directly and precisely detects the temperature of the bottom of pots and pans to maintain even, controlled heat temperatures from 285° to 500°F — and every degree in between. And because only the pan's base is heated, the MK3500 cooks more quickly too with 90% heat efficiency.

    IR Temperature Sensor

    The ideal temperature control for delicate cooking like crepes, omelets and pancakes, and higher temperatures for stir-fry and deep fry dishes.

    Luminous Circle for Safety

    Even though the MK3500 doesn't heat with an open flame, it still generates a heated surface. To help prevent accidental contact, a Luminous Circle built into the cooktop's heavy-duty glass surface glows to warn that the cooking surface is hot.

    Luminous Circle

    Designed into the cooktop's glass surface, a high-visibility circle illuminates when the surface rises above approximately 122°F.

    Heavy Duty Glass Surface

    The tough, durable cooktop surface on the MK3500 is made of heavy duty glass for years of continuous cooking service. And its smooth durable surface is easier to keep clean than gas cooktops.

    Professional Power and Controls

    The Panasonic MX3500 induction cooktop features include:

    • 3500W maximum power
    • Bright LED displays
    • 20 power levels (18 for aluminum)
    • 22-level temperature adjustments
    • Cook timer
    • Memory

    Japanese Quality and Value

    Designed, engineered and built in Japan, and proven daily in commercial kitchens the world over for quality, reliability and long-lasting value, the MK3500 Induction Cooktop is the latest in Panasonic's four decades of innovation and experience in precision, high-efficiency induction technology.




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