How do I become a HomeTeam Member?

To fully enjoy the family fun and features that HomeTeam has to offer, new HomeTeam members can sign up for a free, 30-day home trial with unlimited access to our full library of eBooks, games and video chat capabilities.

After 30 days, you can continue enjoying HomeTeam with a choice of two membership levels: Basic and Premium.

How does pricing work after my 30-day trial expires?

The Basic Membership is free for as long as you wish. And it entitles you to unlimited video chat capabilities. It does NOT, however, include further access to the HomeTeam eBook Library or to any of the HomeTeam collection of games.

The Premium Membership continues full, uninterrupted access to HomeTeam eBooks, games and video chat on a subscription basis, with a choice of Monthly or Annual payment plans. The Premium Membership subscription fee is $8.99 per month, or a single annual payment of $89.99.

How many family members can I register on my HomeTeam?

With your paid Premium Membership subscription, you can add up to four (4) family members for a total of five (5) HomeTeam members per family. Your one membership fee covers all five members.

Can I cancel before the end of my subscription?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription before the end of any monthly or annual subscription period. You will only be responsible for payments until the end of the month in which you cancel.

Will the HomeTeam App work on my smartphone too?

It's not recommended. To maximize ease of navigation and your enjoyment of eBooks, games and video chat, the browser version of HomeTeam is designed and developed for PC/Mac desktop and laptop use, while the HomeTeam App is optimized for use on iOS and Android OS tablets.

How many family members and friends can I connect with at the same time?

To fully experience the range, reach and fun of HomeTeam, you can add as many friends and family contacts as you wish. For video chat and shared activity, such as reading books together or playing games, two (2) people at a time can be connected.

How do I add more books or games to HomeTeam?

Subscribers and user cannot add their own games or eBooks to HomeTeam. New books and games are added regularly to the HomeTeam library and game collections.

If my internet goes down while reading or playing a game, will I lose my place?

In the event of power outage or internet disruption, the page you were on or your place in a game is automatically saved in the HomeTeam database. Once internet is restored, you can return to the page you were reading or your place in the game by using the Recent Activity bar, or the history pulldown on the top of your browser. If, however, after the disconnect you initiate a new call with a new sharing session, everything will start from scratch.

How will I know when my free month expires?

When your 30-day trial has expired, an email will be sent to you with membership options. After 30 days, you can still use HomeTeam for free video chat, but access to the eBook library and game collection will be blocked. Locked icons will appear on the titles of books and games.

Will HomeTeam work with dial-up internet?

Dial-up is not recommended for HomeTeam. If your tablet has cellular service capability and you can establish an internet connection, HomeTeam will work. Unfortunately, with most dial-up connections bandwidth may be too slow to take full advantage of HomeTeam sharing and game animation features.

Is HomeTeam available for Windows tablets?

HomeTeam is supported on iOS and Android tablet devices, as well as Mac/Windows PCs and laptops via Chrome or Firefox browsers. The App is not available yet on Microsoft tablets.

What about Amazon devices?

HomeTeam is not available on Amazon Kindle devices.

Why can't I install the HomeTeam app on my device?

The HomeTeam application is only compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 7.0 or higher. Android/iOS versions are only supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Compatibility Table

If another HomeTeam user has the same name as me, how will my family find me?

The HomeTeam system checks for unique email addresses to match you with your family At the same time subscribers, family members and their HomeTeam contacts also have the option to add a photo and create a personal HomeTeam Profile to make it easier for friends and family to find them.

Can I change my nickname, email address, mobile number and other contact information?

Every HomeTeam user can easily edit their profiles at any time. Your primary email address, however, cannot be changed because it is associated with each unique account.

Can I receive chat caller alerts if my HomeTeam App isn't open?

No. But the next time you open HomeTeam, you will see notifications for each call received, and each caller's name.

Can I record my video chat sessions?

No, there is no video recording available at this time.

How is my account information and data stored and protected?

The protection and safety of your HomeTeam account information is our highest priority. Your account and personal data are fully protected by our Amazon Web Service provider, 2nd Watch. It is also stored securely in accordance with strict Panasonic policy.

For additional information on account and data security, please see HomeTeam's Privacy Policy and Children’s Online Privacy Policy. Links to these and other essential HomeTeam policies are listed at the bottom of the HomeTeam home page.

Can I still use my HomeTeam app after the free trial has expired?

Yes. Unlimited chat is available, however, only two books per category and two games will be available each month.

Can I sign in to the HomeTeam app using my Twitter or Facebook account?

You can sign in to HomeTeam using your Facebook log in. You cannot sign in using your Twitter account.

How do I delete a contact in the HomeTeam app?

To delete a contact, go to Connect, choose the contact you want to delete and select Edit. Choose Delete to remove the selected contact.

Can I disable HomeTeam app notifications?

Yes. HomeTeam app notifications can be disabled.

When I delete a contact in the HomeTeam app, will I be removed from their contact list?

No. You will still appear on their contact list but your status will be displayed as Offline.

Can I add a member while a call is in progress in the HomeTeam App?

No. You cannot add a member to a call that is in progress.

Can I edit a contact's name?

No. A contact's name cannot be edited.

Can I read books and play games while on a call in the HomeTeam app?

Yes. You can read books and play games while on a call.

Am I able to block a contact in the HomeTeam app?

No. It is not possible to block a contact in the HomeTeam app.

Can I use instant messaging in the HomeTeam app?

No. The HomeTeam app does not support instant messaging.

Can I connect and share my screen with a family member who has not updated their HomeTeam app?

Yes. You can connect and share your screen with a family member who has not updated the app. Please note that only an updated app account can initiate the use of games and books.

Is my HomeTeam account linked to a specific device?

No. Your HomeTeam account can be used on any device that supports the HomeTeam app.

Why does a question mark appear on some pages while I'm reading a book on the HomeTeam app?

A question mark appears when the HomeTeam app is in the process of loading a requested page.

Is the HomeTeam app available in other languages?

No. The HomeTeam app is currently available in English only.

Why do games or books take so long to load in the HomeTeam app?

Loading times for games and books are determined by your internet bandwidth.

Can my team members create their own teams in the HomeTeam app?

Yes. Members added to your team can create their own team. However, these secondary team members cannot take advantage of the primary subscriber's services.

Can secondary subscribers (your added team members) add other people to my team (primary subscribers) to use HomeTeam app services I am paying for?

No. Secondary subscribers cannot add persons to a primary subscriber’s team.

How do I search for a book in the HomeTeam app?

You can search by book title, author or series.

Can an email address be used to create more than one HomeTeam account in the HomeTeam app?

No. Only one HomeTeam account per email address can be created.

Can a primary account member delete team members in the HomeTeam app?

Yes. On the HomeTeam home screen, select Edit, then select Remove Team Member. Please note that only Premium HomeTeam users can delete members.

Is there any limit to the number of video chat calls, games and books available to team members in the HomeTeam app?

No. There are no limits to the number of videos calls, games or books available to team members.

Can I make audio-only calls on the HomeTeam app?

Yes. Audio-only calls can be made on the HomeTeam app.

Is there a tutorial for the HomeTeam app?

Yes. Select Help in the Menu option on the home screen.

How do I know if I am using the newest version of the HomeTeam app?

To find out, select the Menu option on the home screen, and choose About HomeTeam.

Can I share my device with another HomeTeam user?

Yes. You can share your device by selecting the Menu option on the home screen, then select Switch User.

Can I delete another user’s profile on my device in the HomeTeam app?

Yes. To delete a profile, select the Menu option on the home screen, select Switch User, then Edit.

What notifications will I receive when my HomeTeam app account is activated?

Notifications are sent for Account Activation, Contact Requests, Accepted Requests, Missed Calls and Missed Activity.

Can I sign in to my account on multiple devices with the HomeTeam app?

Yes. You are able to sign in to more than one device with your account.