The Global Trusted Air Conditioning Brand

The Panasonic Air Conditioning Group has grown into a global company through its continuous quest for product innovations and technology. The group has evolved from manufacturing compressors to providing comprehensive air conditioning solutions. This has earned Panasonic, the reputation as the most trusted brand for superior energy-efficiency and reliable products.

Every building lives.

When you think about a building as a living space, everyone involved lives better. From design to installation to operation, Panasonic lives for the living inside. Our line of conditioning solutions breathes life into structures big and small. With 25 years of experience in the U.S., we are consistently building new ideas to help build your business. By delivering multi-zone options, space-saving and environmentally friendly designs, our solutions are evolving, improving solutions.

1958: Started production and sales of Home Coolers The Electrical Appliance Business Group (Kadoma) started cooler production in March
1958: Started sales in May under the "Home Cooler" name.
1961: Started exports of Home Coolers
1990: Launched world's first Compact Scroll Compressor-equipped Air Conditioner
1992: Developed industry's smallest outdoor air conditioning unit:"Chi-size"
2008: In 2008 Energy Conservation Grand Prizes, EcoCute won its first Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy while Panasonic air conditioner won the Chairman Prize of the Energy Conservation Center of Japan Started Air to Water heat pump business in Europe
2011: Integration of Sanyo HVAC USA into Panasonic Corporation of North America.
2013: Celebrated its 30th Anniversary - Servicing the US in the ductless market.
2013: Introduced EXTERIOS Series to the US market.
2014: Launched System 5 and Wireless Communication.

These innovations together with our continuous program of research and development, has ensured that Panasonic's products remain at the very forefront of innovation.