Bread Maker with Yeast Dispenser SD-YD250

  • YeastPro™ Automatic Yeast Dispenser
  • 13-Hour Preset Timer
  • LCD Digital Display
  • Inner Baking Pan
  • Compact Design



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  • More Details
    • Loaf Size
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Extra-Large
    • Color
    • Inner Pan
    • Cover
    • Dispenser
    • Display
    • Crust Control
    • Dark
    • Medium
    • Light
    • Bake / Dough Modes
    • Bake
    • Rapid Bake
    • Raisin
    • Sandwich
    • Dough Mode :
    • Pizza
    • Rolls or Raisin Dough
    • Bread Options
    • Basic
    • Whole Wheat
    • Multi-Grain
    • French
    • Pizza
    • Cake
    • Timer
    • Indicator Lights
    • Recipe Booklet
    • Power Interruption Protection
    • Measuring Spoon
    • Measuring Cup
    • Kneading Blade
    • Recipe Booklet
    • POWER
    • Supply
    • Cooking Setting
    • Safety Fuse
    • WEIGHT

Owner's Manuals

Owner's Manuals and Documentation


Warranty information


  • Why is there a clicking noise heard during the "Rest" cycle?
    The clicking sound heard during the "Rest" cycle is normal. This is not a malfunction.
  • Why is there a burning smell coming from this breadmaker?
    An ingredient may have been spilt on the heater element. Unplug the breadmaker and allow it to cool. Remove the bread pan from the breadmaker. Use a damp cloth with mild liquid detergent to gently wipe the area on the heating element that has the spillage.
  • Why is the kneading blade inside of the bread pan no longer functioning?
    The unit will require servicing. Click here to locate an authorized service center that can repair your unit.
  • Where can I order parts for my product?
    You can order parts and accessories for your machine from our Parts & Accessories Department at 1-800-833-9626.
  • What is the preferred flour for bread making?
    The preferred flour for bread making is bread flour.
  • My SD-YD250 bread maker is displaying "ALERT" on the unit. What does this mean?
    This message is informing you that there has been a power interruption after the unit has started. If the power is restored within 10 minutes, the bread maker will operate again. However, the bread may not turn out well.
  • Is it okay to substitute butter with oil for various recipes?
    Any substitute can be used, however, we recommend butter for the best flavor and texture.
  • How will I know when I can add dried fruits and nuts to the Bread Maker? (SD-RD250, SD-YD250)
    The unit beeps when using the Bake Raisin and Dough Raisin options during the kneading process.
  • How do I get the breadmaker to power on?
    Check to make sure that the power cord is securely inserted into the wall outlet. If it is connected properly try another power outlet.
  • How can I stop the outside crust of my loaves from burning?
    You may be using too much sugar or sweetener. You can try taking your bread out about 10 minutes early. Using oil instead of butter may also help.
  • How can I register for the warranty of my product?
    You may register your products online by clicking here. It is not necessary to submit this form in order to effectuate the limited warranty. As long as there is a copy of the receipt, your product warranty begins from the date of purchase.
  • Does this unit have a gluten-free setting? (SDRD250/SDYD250)
    No. The unit does not have a gluten-free setting but it can be used to make gluten-free bread.
  • Does this breadmaker have a delayed start feature for dough?
    Yes. The breadmaker has a 13-hour preset timer that allows you to prepare everything the night before and bakes the bread overnight.
  • Does this breadmaker have a crust setting?
    Yes. The crust setting options are Light, Medium and Dark. You can select your desired option by pressing [Crust] on the Control Panel on the breadmaker.
  • Can you remove the kneading blade from the Bread Maker before the baking process is completed? (SD-RD250 or SD-YD250)
    No. The bread should be separated from the kneading blade after baking is completed.
  • Can this breadmaker make whole wheat bread?
    Yes. Please see the supplied recipe booklet that contains several different whole wheat bread recipes.
  • Can I turn off or disable the resting cycle during the baking process?
    The resting cycle cannot be disabled as it this period is used to settle the temperature of the bread pan and its ingredients.
  • Can I put tiny pieces of nuts or raisins in the yeast dispenser of my bread maker?
    This is not recommended as it may damage the dispenser. Only dry yeast must be placed in the yeast dispenser.
  • Can I pause the Bread Maker for a few minutes to add additional ingredients?
    No. When using the "Bake Raisin" and "Dough Raisin" options the unit will pause automatically for one minute so that you can add nuts, dried fruits or raisins.
  • Can I open the lid to add water or flour if necessary during initial kneading? (SD-RD250, SD-YD250)
  • Can I make pizza dough with the SD-RD250 or SD-YD250 breadmaker?
    Yes. The breadmaker has a "Dough" option for making pizza dough
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