Wireless Garage Door Sensor - KX-HNS107W

  • Compact wireless garage door sensor instantly detects when your garage door is opened — or left open inadvertently — and sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet.*
  • Combine with a Panasonic home monitoring Outdoor Camera and Smart Plug to automatically record video and turn on a light when garage is opened.**
  • See if the garage door is open or closed from anywhere with real-time monitoring from your smartphone or tablet, plus control sensor functions with one easy app.**
  • Mounts on the interior side of the garage door, includes double-side tape and a sensor mount for easy installation, plus a long-life Lithium battery for up to 18 months of power
  • Compatible with vertical-section and single-section, swing-up garage door types.

*Requires Panasonic Connected Home Hub unit (KX-HNB600W)

**Requires Panasonic Home Network System app (free download from iTunes App Store and Google Play)


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Forgot to Close the Garage?

The Panasonic Wireless Garage Door Sensor lets you know. As your garage door is opened or when left open unintentionally the sensor sends an alert to your smartphone/tablet no matter where you are. A block from home, at work or in your living room.*

A Part of Panasonic Home Monitoring

The Wireless Garage Door Sensor can be used with any Panasonic DIY home network system. Panasonic home monitoring uses DECT technology to create a powerful, reliable long-range system of indoor/outdoor cameras, sensors, smart plugs, hub unit and more. All of which can be easily monitored and controlled from smart devices. Note: All Panasonic Home Monitoring Systems require a Panasonic Hub unit (KX-HNB600W).

Record HD Video, Turn on a Light

This durable garage sensor can be combined with a Panasonic Home Monitoring HD Camera*** and Smart Plug. As the garage door is opened and the sensor is triggered, the camera can record HD video, or turn on a light or other device in the garage or home.**

See for Yourself

Away from home, or in the next room you can to see if your garage is open or closed, an easy to use app lets you check anytime day or night via the HD camera for real-time viewing from your smartphone or phone or tablet via the HD camera.**

Arm and Disarm the Sensor, Too

You can arm and disarm the sensor alert system with your phone or tablet, plus check sensor status and view a log of recent sensor activity. And you can configure the sensor to also call a preprogrammed phone number when the sensor it triggered.

Compatible with All Door Types

The sensor attaches to any garage door material — wood, steel, vinyl, etc. — and is compatible with vertical-section and and swing-up garage door types.

Easy DIY Installation

The garage door sensor attaches to the interior side of your garage door, and installs safely with the included double-side tape. For wooden doors a mounting adapter is included for secure installation. A push of a button pairs the sensor to the Hub unit.

Long Lasting Sensor Power

A durable, long-life Lithium battery is also included for up to 18 months of continuous power.


*Requires Panasonic Home Monitoring Hub unit (KX-HNB600W)

**Requires Panasonic Home Network System app (free download from iTunes App Store and Google Play)

***HD Camera available September 2016

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  • How can I update the software of the Hub?
    When software update is available you will automatically receive a software update notice to your mobile device. Once accepted the Hub will download the new software through your home Wi-Fi network and update itself. Software update of the Hub will take about 16 minutes to complete. During the update do not unplug the Hub or turn off your mobile device.
  • Why do I get the following error from my Home Monitoring System: Troubleshooting Connection Unsuccessful: Network Signal Error (Weak Signal using 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi)?
    This is caused by a weak signal with your mobile device.

    1. Make sure you can connect to the internet using your mobile device.

    2. Move to an area where there is a strong signal.

    3. Try changing from mobile data (3G, 4G, LTE) to Wi-Fi.

    4. For iOS user verify if the iPhone or iPad allows mobile data transmission for the app. To check this, Tap "Settings" of the device and tap "Cellular" & scroll down to "USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:" the "Home Network" app should have green toggle switched to On.
  • How do I reset the hub and re-start the initial setup?
    1) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub.
    2) While pressing the Wi-Fi SETUP button on the rear of the hub and the CAMERA and OTHER DEVICE buttons on the side of the hub (total 3 buttons), connect the AC adaptor to the hub. Do not release the buttons yet.
    3) Continue to hold the buttons down until the hub's LED indicator lights in yellow, then release the buttons.
    4) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in green (about 2 minutes).
    5) Press and hold the Wi-Fi SETUP button until the hub's LED indicator blinks in green.
    6) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in red.
    (The hub has been successfully reset.)
    7) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub and then connect it again to restart the hub.
  • Can I access the system using a computer?
    No. The system can be accessed using the APP on your mobile devices.
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