Home Monitoring System Glass Break Sensor KX-HNS104

  • Wireless sensor detects the sound of breaking glass for Panasonic Home Monitoring System
  • Alerts smart devices when triggered by sensor
  • Activates video recording by system cameras
  • Arm and disarm glass break sensors via smartphone/tablet
  • Select high or low sound sensitivity options
  • Easy DIY set-up, one-touch syncing with system
  • Hub unit required KX-HNB600W

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Wireless Sensor for Home Monitoring & Control System
Day or night, the wireless glass break sensor is ideal for warning family members of possible danger. Once triggered by the distinct sound created by breaking window or door glass in the home, the sensor sends an immediate alert to your smartphone or tablet.* In the same instant, the sensor activates system cameras — interior and exterior — to record video to a SD card in the system Hub.

*Sound detection up to 15 feet from sensor.

Easy, Do-it-Yourself Setup
The wall-mountable sensor is easy to install in any interior room or space with windows or doors with glass windows, including entranceways, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, garages and basements. With the touch of a button, glass break sensors sync automatically to the system Hub, and can be armed and disarmed — and sound sensitivity adjusted — from inside the home or remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Each sensor is powered by two AA alkaline batteries (battery life approx. 16 months).

*The system Hub (KX-HNB600) is required for sensors and other system components.

Receive Alerts via Smartphones and Tablets
When the wireless sensor is activated, alerts can be monitored from anywhere inside the home, and remotely with your smartphone/tablet.

Panasonic Home Monitoring System
As an integral part of the Panasonic Home Monitoring System, the wireless glass break sensor takes full advantage of the DECT technology that allows every connected system component to maintain a clear, uninterrupted, long-range signal throughout the home. And because it's the home monitoring system that you configure, install and control yourself, there's never a monthly fee to pay.

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    • General
    • Color
    • Frequency Range
    • Sensor Detection Method
    • Sensor Detection Range
    • Distance: approx. 4.6 m (15 feet)"
    • Sensor Sensitivity Select Switch
    • Status Indication
    • Easy Setup
    • Power Source
    • Battery Life
    • Wall Mount
    • Operating Conditions
    • Dimensions/ Weight
    • Sensor Unit Dimensions (W x D x H)
    • Sensor Unit Weight
    • UPC



  • How can I update the software of the Hub?
    When software update is available you will automatically receive a software update notice to your mobile device. Once accepted the Hub will download the new software through your home Wi-Fi network and update itself. Software update of the Hub will take about 16 minutes to complete. During the update do not unplug the Hub or turn off your mobile device.
  • Why do I get the following error from my Home Monitoring System: Troubleshooting Connection Unsuccessful: Network Signal Error (Weak Signal using 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi)?
    This is caused by a weak signal with your mobile device.

    1. Make sure you can connect to the internet using your mobile device.

    2. Move to an area where there is a strong signal.

    3. Try changing from mobile data (3G, 4G, LTE) to Wi-Fi.

    4. For iOS user verify if the iPhone or iPad allows mobile data transmission for the app. To check this, Tap "Settings" of the device and tap "Cellular" & scroll down to "USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:" the "Home Network" app should have green toggle switched to On.
  • How do I reset the hub and re-start the initial setup?
    1) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub.
    2) While pressing the Wi-Fi SETUP button on the rear of the hub and the CAMERA and OTHER DEVICE buttons on the side of the hub (total 3 buttons), connect the AC adaptor to the hub. Do not release the buttons yet.
    3) Continue to hold the buttons down until the hub's LED indicator lights in yellow, then release the buttons.
    4) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in green (about 2 minutes).
    5) Press and hold the Wi-Fi SETUP button until the hub's LED indicator blinks in green.
    6) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in red.
    (The hub has been successfully reset.)
    7) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub and then connect it again to restart the hub.
  • Can I access the system using a computer?
    No. The system can be accessed using the APP on your mobile devices.
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