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  • All-in-one wireless* indoor monitoring camera detects, records 1080p Full HD video and sends alerts via a mobile app** to smart devices
  • 142-degree wide angle lens and two-way talk make it ideal for monitoring children and pets or room activities
  • Manual privacy shutter covers camera and microphone to fully disable camera and microphone when monitoring is not required
  • Syncs with all Panasonic home monitoring systems, and moves easily from room to room
  • Sound and motion sensors can activate recording to a microSD/SDXC card for playback on PC or laptop, a temperature sensor monitors room comfort, plus monitor kids and pets remotely for viewing in real-time from smart devices
  • Stylish, contemporary profile enhances any room décor, fits smartly on shelves, cabinets or tabletops, or mounts easily on any interior wall

*Requires plug in to an AC outlet.
**Requires Panasonic Home Network System app (free download from iTunes App Store and Google Play).


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All-in-One Monitoring

Interior monitoring is a vital part of home security. And peace of mind. But sometimes all you need is a smart, all-in-one monitoring camera to look in on a child or pet while you're at work or in another room. For that the stylish, powerful Panasonic KX-HNC800B Wireless Full HD Indoor Home Monitoring Camera has everything you want for real-time monitoring from iOS and Android devices.

Stylish, Contemporary Profile

Slim, contemporary profile enhances any room décor, fits smartly on shelves, cabinets or tabletops, or mounts easily on any interior wall.

Watch From Your Mobile Device

Enjoy wireless* day and night monitoring from your smartphone or tablet. The Panasonic KX-HNC800B camera is perfect for viewing the baby's or family room in real-time to check on a child or pet, or for keeping an eye on the living room or other space when you're away.** Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Privacy Protection

A Panasonic Exclusive! For entertaining, guest privacy or any occasion when monitoring is not required or necessary, the camera includes a manual sliding shutter to cover the camera and microphone. Once covered, camera and microphone functions are fully disabled. An added convenience only Panasonic has. To reactivate monitoring, simply slide the shutter open.

See Your Baby or Pet

Also ideal for baby and pet monitoring, the built-in sound and motion sensors alert your phone/tablet. The speaker and mic provide clear 2-way talk.

Keep Tabs on Temperature

Room comfort is important. A sensor on the camera alerts your phone/tablet when the baby's room or pet area temperature goes above or below a pre-set range.

Full HD Video Recording in Any Light

With a fast-focusing lens for sharper imaging, large image sensor for 1080p Full HD (1920x1080) recording in low light, the Panasonic KX-HNC800B captures smooth, movie-quality video at 30 frames per second.

Pre-Recording Advantage

For comprehensive video recording, the KX-HNC800B includes a pre-recording function. With pre-recording, video imaging actually begins two seconds before the camera's motion sensor activates the recording process. An advantage that fully records someone walking quickly through an entire room or space, not after they're halfway through it.

Easy Recording / Playback

When activated by motion and sound sensors, the camera alerts your smartdevice and, if wanted, records Full HD video to a microSD/SDHC/SDXC card for playback on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Wide Angle, Large Room View

While other systems may require two or more cameras to cover long, rectangular rooms and other large spaces, a single Panasonic KX-HNC800B provides coverage in large rooms and spaces with a 142-degree diagonal wide-angle view.

No Contracts, No Fees

Because you install and control your KX-HNC800B camera — or Panasonic home monitoring system — yourself, there's never an outside service contract to sign, no monthly fees to pay and no cloud or other fees for recording or storing video.

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  • Specifications
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    • Frequency Range
    • Wireless Network
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    • Wireless Network
    • Encryption
    • Number of HD Cameras per Mobile Device
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    • Simultaneous Access
    • Camera Angle
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    • Video Compression
    • Image Sensor
    • Camera Resolution
    • Max Frame Rate
    • Focal length
    • Wide Dynamic Range
    • High Dynamic Range
    • IR Cut
    • Recording Time
    • Pre- Recording
    • Night Vision (Range)
    • Sensor
    • Speaker
    • Microphone
    • Playing a Lullaby
    • Privacy shutter
    • Status Indication
    • Setup Button
    • microSD Card Slot
    • Wall Mountable
    • Adjustable Mounting Angles
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    • Power Source
    • Operating Conditions
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    • Standby
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  • How can I update the software of the Hub?
    When software update is available you will automatically receive a software update notice to your mobile device. Once accepted the Hub will download the new software through your home Wi-Fi network and update itself. Software update of the Hub will take about 16 minutes to complete. During the update do not unplug the Hub or turn off your mobile device.
  • Why do I get the following error from my Home Monitoring System: Troubleshooting Connection Unsuccessful: Network Signal Error (Weak Signal using 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi)?
    This is caused by a weak signal with your mobile device.

    1. Make sure you can connect to the internet using your mobile device.

    2. Move to an area where there is a strong signal.

    3. Try changing from mobile data (3G, 4G, LTE) to Wi-Fi.

    4. For iOS user verify if the iPhone or iPad allows mobile data transmission for the app. To check this, Tap "Settings" of the device and tap "Cellular" & scroll down to "USE CELLULAR DATA FOR:" the "Home Network" app should have green toggle switched to On.
  • How do I reset the hub and re-start the initial setup?
    1) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub.
    2) While pressing the Wi-Fi SETUP button on the rear of the hub and the CAMERA and OTHER DEVICE buttons on the side of the hub (total 3 buttons), connect the AC adaptor to the hub. Do not release the buttons yet.
    3) Continue to hold the buttons down until the hub's LED indicator lights in yellow, then release the buttons.
    4) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in green (about 2 minutes).
    5) Press and hold the Wi-Fi SETUP button until the hub's LED indicator blinks in green.
    6) Wait for the hub's LED indicator to light in red.
    (The hub has been successfully reset.)
    7) Disconnect the AC adaptor from the hub and then connect it again to restart the hub.
  • Can I access the system using a computer?
    No. The system can be accessed using the APP on your mobile devices.
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