The revolutionary Countertop Induction Oven from Panasonic combines induction and double-infared heating technologies for delicious food in minutes.

Cook one-pan meals, grill, bake, reheat and more!


Simple to operate, meals in under 30 minutes
Healthy, flavorful dishes
Chef quality results

Prepare the ingredients

Place them on the grill pan

  Pro Tip: Place meats in the center
     and vegetables near the edges.

Select Cooking Method:

Combo 1: For meat & vegetables
  Combo 2: For just vegetables
     Combo 3: For seafood

The Secret to Delicious Flavor

The Panasonic induction heater (IH) rapidly raises temperature without preheating for precise cooking control. This direct heat, along with an airtight seal to prevent heat escape, quickly prepares foods that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The CIO’s compact interior also circulates a fine shower of steam, filled with flavors released by fresh ingredients during the cooking process, heightening the savory taste of UMAMI (Japanese for delicousness!).

Induction heat (IH) technology, combined with a dishwasher-safe die-cast aluminum grill pan, guides heat conducted from the center towards the edges of the pan. This enables foods requiring different heating times to be cooked simultaneously and efficiently.

Pre-programmed auto menus can ensure optimum cooking results. The simple push of a button is all you need for effortless meals, fast.

Your oven comes with a recipe book developed by the Culinary Institute of America for Panasonic.
Recipes include appetizers, one-pan meals, family favorites, baked desserts and more.