Drops 360° In-Ear Earbud Headphones with Mic + Controller - Blue - RP-HJX6M-A

  • Enjoy full-range sound and powerful base with 12mm coaxial dual magnet drivers
  • Large aluminum housing minimizes distortion
  • New ear piece and long audio port offer superior noise isolation
  • Integrated smartphone controller (mic + controller)

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A Higher Level of High-Quality Sound

Stylish, feather light and seriously powerful, the Drops 360° RP-HJX6M In-Ear Headphones deliver a full range of exceptional sound performance. In addition to the neodymium magnets traditionally placed behind the diaphragms in most compact headphones, Panasonic goes one better to place a second magnet in front to improve both bass and treble response. The result is a new level of deep, rich bass and clear, natural treble not often experienced in headphones this small.

Direct Sound Delivery

Drops 360° headphones feature long, straight audio ports and specially designed earpieces to optimize two large-diameter 12mm coaxial dual magnet drivers. Working together, they deliver crisp, high-performance sound directly into the ears for hours of maximum listening enjoyment.

Minimum Sound Distortion

Distortion is kept to a minimum with a color-matched aluminum ring on the speaker housing. This, combined with the housing's large bass boost chamber, ensures deeper, more textured low-range tones, and reduced sound distortion in everything you hear (5Hz-25kHz).

Improved Earpiece Design

Ultra-soft earpads fit naturally and snugly into the ears to remain comfortably in place while walking, working or just relaxing. And no matter where you are, their airtight structure shields the ears to dampen ambient noise, even in noisy surroundings.

Manage Music and Calls

Managing music and phone calls is quick and simple with an inline mic and remote. Drops 360° headphones work seamlessly with iPhone/iPod/iPad™, Blackberry® and Android devices to adjust volume, and switch effortlessly from music to calls and back again with one-touch ease.

Optimum Fit and Comfort

For optimum individual fit and comfort, a set of S/M/L earpads is included. And to keep your headphones safe and sound when not in use, a soft-textured travel case is included as well. Available in a choice of three colors accents—Silver, Red and Blue.


SpecificationsExpand All

    • Operating time
    • Playback Time with Battery
    • Charging Time (25°/ 77F)
    • Microphone for headset
    • Driver Unit (diameter in mm)
    • Magnet Type (Nd:Neodymium / Fe:Ferrite)
    • Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz
    • Impedance (Ohm) / 500 Hz
    • Sensitivity (dB / mW)
    • Max. Input (mW)
    • Frequency Response (Hz - kHz)
    • Cord Length (m / ft.)
    • Weight (g) without cord and battery
    • Weight (g/oz) without cord
    • Weight (g) without cord
    • In-Cord Volume
    • MiniPlug (3.5mm in diam.)
    • Air Plug Adaptor
    • Plug Adaptor (6.3mm in diam.)
    • Plug (Ni:Nickel / G:Gold)
    • In-line microphone
    • Control/ Mic
    • Supplied Item
    • Color
    • Supported profiles
    • Codec
    • Operating distance
    • NFC (One-touch Connection)
    • Active Noise canceling
    • Water Proof / Water Resistant
    • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
    • Bluetooth®(*1) Wireless Technology [ Version ]
    • NOTE
    • UPC


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