The reliable, full-featured Panasonic amplified cordless phone
with digital answering machine is the perfect home phone solution
for everyone affected by mild, moderate and severe hearing loss.

Full-Featured Convenience

Whether you're looking for an amplified phone system for yourself, or for a parent or other family member, Panasonic leads the way with advanced, feature-filled cordless amplified phones. Each is designed for optimum calling ease and comfort. And every system can be expanded to include up to six wireless handsets for calling convenience throughout the house.

The Right Phone for Every Need

With three different Panasonic cordless amplified systems to choose from, Panasonic simplifies everyday calling with features designed for every level of hearing loss. These features include volumes up to 50 dB to clarify caller voices, speech boosters to ensure that callers can hear you, plus Slow Talk, Noise Reduction and adjustable Voice Tone and Ringer settings.


Audible/Visual Call Alerts

Bright red LED visual ringers on both base unit and handsets flash prominently when someone calls. At the same time, Panasonic's Talking Caller ID also tells you who's calling in English or Spanish.

Easy to See, Simple to Use

To maximize ease of use, Panasonic amplified phones provide high-visibility white-backlit LCDs and enlarged numeric call dial keypads. Choose from six distinct tones to clarify different voice types, and boost caller voice volume for instant amplification. And ringer tones can be increased up to 112 dB.

Slow Down Fast Talkers

Panasonic makes it easier to understand quick-talking callers and voice messages with one-touch Slow Talk. Buttons on both the system base unit and handsets automatically slows the speed of speech while conversing in real time. Ideal for clearer, more comfortable conversations, screening incoming calls and voice message playback.

Experience telephone conversations with enhanced clarity and tone that are loud enough to listen to comfortably.

Up to 6-level tone settings, as well as a Slow Talk function, are available to suit the different needs of different people.

Clearer Calls From Noisy Places

When receiving calls from noisy spots like train stations, sports events and city streets, Panasonic Noise Reduction suppresses surrounding background noise to make the caller's voice clearer, and easier to hear.

Power When the Power Goes Out

In the event of a power outage,two built-in backup batteries in the base unit keep you connected. When fully charged, the batteries provide power for up to four hours of continuous use and up to four hours standby.

Block Unwanted Telephone Calls

The feature helps to reduce unwanted calls such as telemarkers and spam, and helps to keep your personal time from being interrupted. You can register up to 250 unwanted numbers.

More Calling Conveniences

Panasonic cordless amplified systems also include features like speakerphone and intercom, DECT 6.0 Plus for optimum signal range, easy-access phonebooks, one-touch speed dial numbers and up to 18 minutes of voice messaging.

Link Your Cellphone
with Your Home Phone

Panasonic offers a full-featured phone system with Link2Cell, the Bluetooth®-connected convenience that syncs up to two cell/smartphones for making and receiving amplified cell calls anywhere in the house via the system's wireless handsets.
No landline required.