Panasonic Launches On4TodayTM, a Telehealth Service

To Keep Residents of Assisted Living Facilities Connected


Newly-formed Health and Wellness Solutions group introduces tablet-based service helping residents to live independently; stay socially engaged with family, friends and care providers           



NEWARK, NJ (OCTOBER 20, 2014) – Panasonic Corporation of North America has announced it will launch On4TodayTM, a tablet-based telehealth service, in November.  The new Health and Wellness Solutions business group is part of Panasonic’s ongoing business transformation and will deliver technology solutions to the healthcare market.  The group’s first offering - On4TodayTM - is a non-clinical telehealth service provided to long-term care and assisted living facilities.


Designed as an ‘always on’ service, On4TodayTM bridges potential communication gaps between assisted living facility residents and their families, friends and care providers.  It delivers connectivity and easy-to-use communications intended to improve staff efficiencies, reduce anxiety for residents, promote peace of mind among family and friends and encourage stronger levels of resident engagement.


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Panasonic is showcasing On4TodayTM capabilities to healthcare professionals during the Leading Age Annual Meeting and Expo, taking place October 19 – 22 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.  On4TodayTM is featured in the Expo’s centerpiece attraction – the Leading Age ‘Idea House’ – where innovative technologies and solutions are displayed in real-life settings. 


With the launch of On4TodayTM, Panasonic is demonstrating the types of solutions and new generation of networked health information technologies that are enabling providers to deliver cost-effective services.  Health and Wellness Solutions will leverage Panasonic’s engineering roots and technology portfolio to address the challenges associated with individual and population health management. 


“As the aging population increases, there is growing demand for flexible healthcare solutions capable of addressing a range of needs unique to this group,” said Bob Dobbins, Vice President, New Business Development, who leads Panasonic’s new Health and Wellness Solutions group.  “Panasonic has the expertise to integrate its technology solutions to create a comprehensive network of care.  On4TodayTM is another step forward in paving the way for cost-effective ‘care in place’ practices,” he added.   


On4TodayTM is delivered on a tablet and the tablet connects through WiFi.  The lightweight device is portable and gives residents options to manage daily activities with calendar appointments and reminders, view photos and videos, and participate in video chats and messaging.  Large font size, audio and visual prompts and touch screen scrolling features simplify site navigation and message access.  The service is intuitive and can be customized, depending on facility needs or individual preferences. 


“Quality and reliability are essential attributes for any long-term care or assisted living facility,” noted Mr. Dobbins.  “Panasonic’s health and wellness solutions reinforce the importance of those characteristics by bringing advanced technology into the care continuum to create more meaningful interactions, generate higher levels of resident well-being and reduce facility costs.”





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