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Panasonic Unveils Breakthrough Imaging and Security Technology

Solutions at ASIS 2014


Exhibit HighlightsNew High Resolution ULTRA360 Dome Cameras, Additions to its Flagship

6 Series and 3 Series Camera Lines, and Video Management Software Updates


ATLANTA, GA(September 29, 2014) – Panasonic System Communications Company of North America, a leading provider of integrated video surveillance systems, today announced new additions to its advanced video surveillance and security solutions portfolio at the 60th annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, taking place September 29 through October 2 in Atlanta, GA. New products on display include the 9 MP ULTRA 360 camera built on Panasonic’s innovative 12MP 4K ULTRA HD engine, expansions of its high-performance 6 Series and 3 Series camera lines, and other updates to its platform of advanced video surveillance and security solutions—offeringsecurity professionals and reseller partners new ways to maximize the performance, effectiveness and value of security installations.  

New products on display in Panasonic’s booth (#510) include:

ULTRA 360 Camera with 4K Imaging Engine: The newULTRA 360 panoramic indoor (WV-SFN480) and outdoor IP66 rated weatherand vandal-resistant (WV-SFV481) fixed dome cameras are built on Panasonic’s 12 MP 4K ULTRA HD engine—offering advanced functionality, strikingly clear images and multiple transmission modes for versatile monitoring of wide areas. The new ULTRA 360 doubles the resolution of previous generation 360 cameras, producing a 9MP 3K x 3K Fisheye image at 15fps and a 4MP Fisheye image at 30fps via H.264 for incredibly high resolution at standard frame rates. Like all i-Pro cameras, the Ultra 360 cameras’ on-board processor generates image corrected video in multiple display formats and has the ability to encode up to two H.264 streams simultaneously and JPEG modes for maximum flexibility. The WV-SFV481 and WV-SFN480 will be available in December, 2014.


Expansion of 6-Series i-PRO Camera Platform:Panasonic will be exhibiting its full line of 6 Series

i-PROcameras which deliver industry-leading imaging processing capabilities and video quality under the most challenging lighting conditions.  Utilizing Panasonic’s advanced, next-generation UniPhier® LSI processors, 6 Series cameras produce high-definition resolution at 60fpsFPS enabling the capture of exceptionally clear images of moving objects.  With Enhanced Super Dynamic technology, built in LED illumination, Auto Back Focus (ABF), motorized lens control, and dual SDXC cardsfor high-capacity edge recording and flexible record modes including alarm-recording and back-up recording in the event of network failure, Panasonic’s 6 Series cameras offer exceptional performance, advanced image processing features  and maximum flexibility.New 6 Series models on display include:


·         HD and Full HD Indoor Fixed Cameras with Modular Options: Full HD1080p (WV-SPN631) and HD 720p (WV-SPN611) cameras deliver advanced image processing capabilities and exceptional video quality and clarity for a wide range of video surveillance applications. The cameras are equipped with an innovative fog compensation function as a standard feature, which improves video quality during difficult weather conditions such as fog and sandstorms.  Available as an optional feature, Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) provides advanced capabilities such as intruder, loitering, and object detection.  The new fixed network cameras also support two optional hardware modules, whichinclude a front IR LED attachment (WV-SPN6FRL1)illuminating up to 100 feet with infrared light enabling the capture of clear images in low-light or complete darkness. The optional add-on communications module (WV-SPN6R481) enables the camera to control pan-tilt positioners via RS-485 protocol.The WV-SPN631 and WV-SPN611 cameras and optional extension units are available now through authorized Panasonic resellers.


·         Full HD 1080p Outdoor Vandal Dome Long Focus Lens:The new outdoor vandal resistant and waterproof (WV-SFV631LT) fixed dome network camera is IP66 rated water and dust resistant and features a built-in long-focus variable-focal lens. Its variable focal length (9mm to 22mm) is ideal for applications where the camera needs to produce an exceptional image but must be located some distance from the subject, such as on a high ceiling in a large lobby. The WV-SFV631LT camera is available now through authorized Panasonic resellers.

·         Full HD 1080p and HD 720pIR LED Outdoor Fixed Cameras: Three of four new models including the Full HD 1080p (WV-SPW631LT) with long focus range from (9-22mm), the Full HD 1080p (WV-SPW631L), and HD 720p (WV-SPW611L) are equipped with IR LED and motorized zoom. A non-IR LED HD 720p model is also available (WV-SPW611).The WV-SPW631LT and WV-SPW631L will be available in November and the WV-SPW611L and WV-SPW611will be available in December, 2014.

Expansion of 3 Series i-PRO Camera Platform:Panasonic’s popular 3 Series cameras deliver outstanding high-definition video performance at a mid-level price point. Built on the same UniPhier® platform as the flagship 6 Series models, 3 Series cameras deliver HD 720p resolution video images at 60fps. Panasonic’s Enhanced Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technologies provide up to 133dB of dynamic range, making the 3 Series cameras high-performers in very dynamic lighting environments. All 3 Series cameras offerincreased light sensitivity producing color images in 0.01 lux environments and include Multi-process Noise Reduction (MNR) low noise images. Super Chroma Compensation (SCC*) technology is standard in the 311 seriesand ensures that bright and dark image areas are reproduced accurately with minimal video noise and accurate color even under low illumination. Like the 6 Series line, 3 Series models can encode up to four H.264 streams and up to six JPEG streams, greatly increasing recording, viewing and mobile streaming options and the SDXC memory slot doubles edge recording capacity.  Its simplified mechanical design eases installation and ongoing maintenance.  New 3 Series models on display include:


·         HD 720p Indoor Fixed Network Cameras: The new (WV-SPN310) and (WV-SPN311) indoor fixed network cameras deliver the latest HD surveillance capabilities at a competitive, mid-level price point that is ideal for small to mid-sized enterprise environments and applications. The (WV-SPN311) model with day/night capabilities includes IR-cut filter shifting.  During the day the camera utilizes an IR-cut filter to minimize the distortion of color images and automatically removes the filter to capture accurate images at night. The WV-SPN310 and WV-SPN311 will be available in November through authorized Panasonic resellers.

Panasonic’s booth also featuresadditional product availability updates including:

FacePro™ Facial Search and Recognition System: Panasonic’s WV-ASF900 server-based facial recognition and analytics platform enables high-speed, high-capacity facial search and matching capabilities on recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO Cameras utilizing the Face Detection option. Boasting real-time processing of up to 10 cameras per server, FacePro can execute high-speed searches of up to 1,000 registered reference faces on both live and recorded video and each server can store millions of detected face images depending on configuration. Reference face images can be selected from source video or imported via BMP, JPG and PNG files and can be searched for a match in a matter of seconds. In addition, this breakthrough technology allows for advanced face counting, age and gender analytics reporting and the ability to set flexible alarm triggers on matched faces using live cameras, making it ideal for campus security, airport, transit/public safety and enterprise applications. FacePro can support multiple simultaneous sessions using the Panasonic ASM200 and ASM970 client applications and is available now through authorized Panasonic resellers.

ASR-500 Scalable Software-based Video Recording Server: The WV-ASR500 scalable  recording server solution offers extensive versatility as an expandable Windows® server-based video recorder, providing customers with the flexibility required to build a powerful surveillance recording and monitoring installation around a single scalable software-based platform. When coupled with Panasonic’s ASM200 or ASM970 client applications, the ASR500 system serves as a complete video management (VMS) solution featuring broad support for IP cameras and encoders as well as integration with third-party security hardware and access control systems from a wide range of leading manufacturers. Additionally, Panasonic’smobile control applicationvia free downloadable software for Androidand iOSsmartphones and tablets further enables users to view live and recorded video from up to 48 surveillance cameras from multiple ASR500 Series servers. The new WV-ASR500 systems are available now through authorized Panasonic resellers. 

ASM200 i-PRO Management Software: ASM200 is a Windows® based video management software application enabling a centralized and scalable surveillance and control environment supporting multi-camera, multi-recorder systems from a single PC platform.  It manages up to 100 network video recorders (NVRs) and digital video recorders (DVRs), 64 encoders and 256 directly connected cameras.  Software extension modules enable system expansion supporting up to thousands of cameras and hundreds of recorders and encoders and is fully integrated with Panasonic’s ASR500 recording server and ASF900 FacePro® server.  ASM200version 3.1 adds support for Panasonic’s new ULTRA 360 camera streams and will be available in December, 2014.

ASM970Enterprise Scale Video Management Solution: The ASM970 system unifies control of IP and analog surveillance assets in multi-user, multi-site environments. This highly scalable and flexible solution supports analog and IP streams up to 2,048 cameras, 1,024 monitors and 64 recorders. Multiple IP matrix servers can be integrated with up to 64 domains supporting complex system configuration.  The new ASM970 version 10.1 now includes360-degree (WV-SF438 and WV-SW458) video de-warping, WJ-NV300 recorder and WV-ASR500 recording server control and Series 6 and Series 3 camera support, and is available now through authorized Panasonic resellers.

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