Seeking KWN alumni and their stories to inspire today’s KWN participants


Newark, N.J. (September 10, 2014) – Global technology leader Panasonic will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kid Witness News (KWN), its signature video education program, during an awards ceremony in October at the Panasonic Corporation of North America headquarters in Newark, N.J. Over the past quarter-century, KWN has helped 170,000 school-aged children from around the globe develop their self-confidence, boost creativity and enhance communications skills and teamwork through the use of digital video technology.


To bring the program full circle, Panasonic is searching for KWN alumni to share their stories and career trajectories. Panasonic would like to connect with past participants about how the program influenced their lives, whether they chose to pursue a career in TV or journalism, or if they used skills learned to excel in other fields. KWN hopes to encourage children currently in the program with success stories worldwide. If you have participated in KWN and would like to share your story, tell us about your experience via email


“It’s amazing to hear the strong voices and see the unique perspectives students bring to the important stories they tell,” said Panasonic Corporation of North America’s Vice President, Community Relations and Corporate Outreach, Marilyn “Penny” Joseph. “This year, we are thrilled to celebrate their hard work at our 25th anniversary event. By reaching out to KWN alumni, we hope to highlight the positive impact this program has had on so many lives.”


Armed with the latest digital video equipment to share stories that are important to them and their communities, students from 548 schools in 23 countries participated in the KWN program this year. By providing a platform and high-definition cameras, Panasonic helps students create, produce, direct, act in and edit videos on subjects such as the environment, peer pressure and drug prevention. Participants have also been able to interview public figures such as Dan Rather, Barbara Bush, Jesse Jackson, Colin Powell, Marilyn Qualye, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone and many local and state leaders, all while sharing “The World Through Their Eyes.”


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