Corbin Restaurants Reduces Drive Thru Wait Time and Enhances Customer Experience with Panasonic Attune II Wireless Audio System

The Company’s Lexington, KY Long John Silver’s Location Deploys Attune II to Improve Customer Service, Order Accuracy and Speed of Service

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Corbin Restaurants, a major Long John Silver’s franchisee, recently rolled out the new Panasonic Attune II Wireless Audio System at the drive-thru of their Lexington, Kentucky location. The franchisee group has already seen improvement in drive-thru order accuracy and reduced order time by nearly 30 percent, and plans to roll out Attune II to its other locations.

“We’re able to take more accurate and faster orders by eliminating the need to repeat orders or asking customers to pull to the window and re-confirm. Increased order accuracy and speed of service provided by the Attune II have enabled us to serve more customers, helping us boost sales while improving the customer experience,” said Jay Shoffner, Franchisee & President, Corbin Restaurants. 

Established in 1967, Corbin Restaurants, Inc. is a franchisee with 27 combined KFC and Long John Silver’s restaurants and 480 employees in the Louisville/Lexington, KY and Knoxville, TN regions. The company has been using Panasonic’s previous generation Ultraplex II Wireless Headset System for the past 10-plus years. While the Ultraplex II has been an outstanding drive thru communication system for the company, the company felt it was time for a refresh. After evaluating the latest options on the market, the company decided that the new Panasonic Attune II Wireless Audio System was the right solution.

According to Shoffner, the Lexington, KY restaurant has seen an improvement in order time at the menu board with a reduction from an average of 66 seconds before the Attune II to 47 seconds due to the improved clarity of the system, allowing for enhanced customer service and satisfaction. 

“Roughly half of our customers come through the drive-thru and all of them interact indirectly through the Attune II system,” said Shoffner. “The Attune II hasn’t been deployed long, but if it has the durability and life that the Ultraplex system has, we’ll be looking to use it for another 10 years.”

The Attune II is designed to cancel out low-, mid- and high-volume background noise. Standard noise suppression eliminates low-frequency, steady hums including crowds and machinery. Attune II suppresses all of those, plus sounds most headphones cannot block, such as sirens, blaring horns and kitchen chaos – ensuring staff can communicate with customers clearly and easily.

Given the fast-paced environment of QSRs, durability was also key to Shoffner when selecting the Attune II. From its tough, inch-wide headband, to its heavy-duty buttons and fully sealed, oil-, water -and grease-resistant design, the Attune II was built to withstand the drops and spills restaurant workers encounter daily. This durability helps keep restaurants running, while lowering repair and replacement costs. 

Corbin Restaurants will be rolling out the Attune II system to its other Long John Silver’s and KFC restaurants. Other Ultraplex II systems will be replaced on a case-by-case basis as they reach the end of their lifecycle, further enabling the company to increase drive-thru efficiencies at its restaurants

The complete Corbin Restaurants Drive Thru Communication Case Study can be downloaded from the Panasonic website.

More information about Panasonic Food Services Solutions are available online. 

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