Panasonic Wins Environmental Leader Award for Green Insulation

UVacua Vacuum Insulation Panels Recognized for Ability to Generate Major Reduction in Energy Use; Help Manufacturers Meet U.S. Dept. of Energy, EPA Standards

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Co. of America, which sells technology and components to power Fortune 500 products, is proud to announce that its UVacua vacuum insulation panels won an Environmental Leader Council 2016 Product of the Year award. Panasonic received the award at the Environmental Leader Conf. in Denver on June 22.  

"We are pleased to be recognized for our energy conservation efforts," said Panasonic Industrial Devices Group Manager John Balazs. "Panasonic’s UVacua vacuum insulation panels help appliance manufacturers reduce energy consumption by between 15% - 40% depending on application, limit their carbon footprint and reduce space,” he said. 

“Panasonic’s UVacua vacuum insulation panels are a game changer in terms of increased R-Value for commercial refrigerators, water heaters and other products. Their lifecycle story is quite good - manufactured using technologies that have low “global warming potential,” 75% recycled, thin and lightweight, with an excellent recyclable and energy savings potential,” according to Environmental Leader Council award judges.

Panasonic’s UVacua vacuum insulation panels are a next-gen thermal insulation that provide high insulating performance in a thin format that enables residential and commercial refrigeration, and cold chain equipment manufacturers to increase interior capacity by roughly 5%, while reducing energy consumption by up to 40%. For the same thickness, the thermal performance is 25 times that of glass wool and 12 times that of urethane. Expressed in R-Value (the capacity of a material to resist heat flow), insulation panels have an R-Value of 60 per inch. The panel’s core consists of aligned glass fibers that are encased in a foil-like cover, and vacuum sealed. The panels are often implemented with a foaming agent for structural integrity. 

Other benefits of Panasonic’s UVacua vacuum insulation panels:

  • •  Completely recyclable and made from 75% recycled material. 
  • •  Do not off-gas, and have a very low Global Warming Potential.
  • •  Made to help manufacturers meet or exceed stringent U.S. Dept. of Energy and and U.S. EPA Energy Star standards. 
  • •  Help to reduce end user’s energy consumption and costs.

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