Panasonic Develops freeze-ray™ Optical Disc-Based Data Archive Platform

Panasonic has announced the development and release of the Panasonic freeze-ray™ platform, an Optical Disc-Based Data Archive/Storage platform ideal for media, broadcast and entertainment customers. The Panasonic freeze-ray platform is an open architecture, high-scalable digital archival storage platform. The technology can ingest any form of data whether in file or object based format.  

Due to its small carbon footprint and high density media, the Panasonic freeze-ray platform provides modernized storage fabric at a very low purchase point and overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) without sacrificing performance.  This data archiving solution provides optimal warm and cold storage for protecting data integrity.  Thanks to the special characteristics of optical discs, including longevity, immutability (WORM), backward compatibility, low power consumption and tolerance to environmental changes, the Panasonic freeze-ray platform is an excellent choice for near-line and offline storage needs.

Benefits and Differentiators:

Open architecture--as media content changes format constantly, the Panasonic freeze-ray platform’s storage fabric can ingest whatever form of data is required for data archival purposes, and can interface with whatever data mover or orchestration platform used.

Highly Scalable--as media content is generated, the Panasonic freeze-ray platform can increase in capacity without necessarily increasing frame hardware.  The media material allows for on-the-shelf storage with no need to provide specific environmental controls.

Low TCO--without sacrificing IOPS (performance) and media density, this platform is very cost-competitive and requires little to no environmental controls.  In addition, the media lasts for up to 100 years, keeping refresh cycles to a minimum and maximizing investment. (Figure based on accelerated tests being conducted at a temperature of 30C and humidity of 70% RH.)  

Immutable data-- many users are driven by compliance measures to store the data and reduce risk of overwriting or losing the data. Due to simple physics and characteristics of the archive discs, data cannot be overwritten and thus reduces any risk of losing your sensitive data.

Performance-- the freeze-ray platform can provide optimal performance for cold and warm storage applications with IOPS and transfer speeds of 360MB/s to 1GB/s per rack.

Panasonic is now accepting alliance partners to bring this innovative technology to the media, broadcast and entertainment markets.  For further interest or inquiry, please contact

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