Panasonic Baby Monitor Handheld Color Monitor and Compact Night Vision Camera System with Long Range, Long-Battery Life and Smart Sensors

Panasonic is proud to introduce the KX-HN3001W Baby Monitor, a smart, easy-to-use, new monitoring system with Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, the same powerful technology built into Panasonic’s long-range home telephone systems and that provides a clear, secure and interference-free signal strength up to 1500 feet1. The system also includes a compact, handheld 3.5-inch color monitor that syncs to a wide-angle monochrome night-vision camera, a 13-hour long-life rechargeable battery, as well as smart sound, motion and temperature sensors to monitor the child’s safety and well-being.

Parents can move freely about the house, knowing their child is safe, comfortable and content in their crib with the Panasonic KX-HN3001W Baby Monitor

11500 feet achievable in straight line-of-sight. Actual distance will vary based on some types of objects in the path.

Panasonic is the Global No. 1 Cordless Phone Brand with DECT technology. DECT technology in the Panasonic Baby Monitor provides a transmission range more than the length of four football fields and twice the range of comparable monitors. Most video-type monitors that use a 2.4 GHz FHSS system or Wi-Fi can lose signal due to interference with other 2.4 GHz devices (Wi-Fi, microwaves, etc.). Panasonic Baby Monitors use interference-free DECT technology for signal strength that effectively extends to every room inside as well as outside of the house, no matter how distant, for reliable baby monitoring while working or entertaining.

With the compact, handheld Panasonic Baby Monitor, every parent can rest assured, knowing their child is safe, comfortable and content in their crib or bed, giving parents freedom to move about the house. A long-life, built-in rechargeable battery provides power for up to 13 hours of standby time (audio on, screen off) and up to 5 hours of continuous monitor use (audio on, screen on) in or outside the house. Parents can also plug the monitor into any household outlet using an included AC adapter to power and recharge the monitor while working in the kitchen or home office while the baby naps.

The color monitor unit syncs to the wide-angle, wall-mountable monochrome night vision camera unit in the child’s room to enable parents to clearly see the baby even in a pitch-black environment. The camera can be controlled by the monitor to pan, tilt and zoom to look in on the child at anytime. The Pan and Tilt function covers a range of ±136 degrees and 0 to -44 degrees, respectively. The baby’s face can also be clearly viewed with the Zoom function. The Baby Monitor system is expandable up to four cameras. The optional camera is expected to be available in fall 2018.

Surrounding-noise suppression in both camera and monitor minimize background sounds to enable interference-free, two-way communication to keep the baby happy by talking with them while doing household chores or working outside. The noise reduction function reduces background noise to hear sound from the camera clearly, helping parents sleep well without being disturbed by background noise. Users can simply press and hold the TALK button to speak clearly with the child.

Smart sensors for motion and sound in the Baby Monitor alert parents with a chime and illuminated LED on the monitor screen when the child is awake or stirring, and when they are talking or crying. Smart sensor options make it easy to customize sound and motion notifications to suit parent needs and preferences. Another sensor alerts parents automatically when the baby’s room environment goes above or below the set temperature range.

To help the child sleep more deeply and restfully, a built-in sound library provides natural listening experiences automatically or manually. These gentle, soothing sounds include five choices of white noise and lullabies, respectively, so there is no need for a separate sound device.

Panasonic Baby Monitor KX-HN3001W is expected to be available in stores in April 2018. Suggested retail price is $149.95. Available in White.

The Panasonic Baby Monitor KX-HN3001W system includes: KX-HNM300 Color Monitor unit, KX-HNC300 Night Vision Camera unit, Wall Mount for Camera unit and two AC Adapters for Monitor unit and Camera unit.

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