Indy 500 in Millions of Pixels and Trillions of Colors

Shifting the Fan Experience into Overdrive

Delivering content in real time to nearly 400,000 fans attending the world's premier motorsport racing event featuring cars exceeding speeds of 200 miles-per-hour on a 2.5 mile oval track for 500 laps, can be challenging.

For Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, that challenge supplied an opportunity to display technological and engineering expertise. Panasonic was chosen to design and install a comprehensive LED display solutions upgrade on all digital displays, as part of Indianapolis Motor Speedway's "Project 100" initiative to implement renovations to seating, connectivity and technology, fan experiences and track improvements.

Beginning in February 2015, Panasonic installed a series of networked LED video boards throughout the infield and in front of the grandstands of the legendary racetrack. For spectators, the digital displays are bigger, brighter and smarter.

They measure 11,540 total square feet--more than double the size of the previous boards. Panasonic engineers also custom-designed nearly half the displays to include 10mm pixel count technology, giving those video boards the tightest pixel pitch of any display in motorsports. The LED displays can deliver content from an astounding 281 trillion color combinations, unparalleled in resolution and imaging crispness.

Panasonic also installed the venue's 92-foot tall scoring pylon. The four-sided pylon is 20 inches taller and three inches wider than its predecessor, and contains 5,280 individual LED panels that provide programmers with vastly improved messaging capabilities.

Speedway's broadcast "brains"
To handle the challenges of broadcasting the Indy 500, Panasonic introduced a front-end system interface software solution to function as the brains of the speedway's broadcast production control room. Panasonic's technology streamlines a complex process of managing the intricate arrangement of data and imagery into one cohesive canvas. The software solution uses ten different aspect ratios on twenty different in-stadium displays. System autocorrect capabilities right-sizes all content to fit on boards of any size, while regeneration features constantly update data, making sure fans are viewing the race with the most up-to-date information.

Advanced system capabilities gives Indy control room programmers expanded versatility to use the right mix of content elements to engage, inform and entertain fans with options ranging from animation, multi-screen images and built-in social media components to slow motion replays, close-up angles and graphics.

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